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Company Name From Music, Inc.
Founded March 27th, 2001
Board of Directors President and CEO : Masaaki Sugiyama

Chief Operating Officer : Satoshi Yamada
Director : Tatsuro Sugiyama
Director : Akemi Nishida
Areas of Business Production of music, commercials, musicals, and movies.
Training and management of models, and artists.
Production and sales of professional-grade cosmetics for models.
Past Projects For a list of past projects, click here
Head Offices TS Hiroo Building, 4-9-10, Higashi, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-0011, Japan
TEL : (03)6418-0530
URL : http://www.from-music.com
Email : info@from-music.com
Number of Employees 10
Main Banks Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Ebisu Branch
Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Shibuya Branch
Copyright (C)From Music, Inc. All Rights Reserved.